Located at:
2255 Broadway, Room 308 
New York, NY 10024
(near 81st street)

NY Adventure Golf Club is a state-of-the-art indoor performance golf studio designed for both kids and adults.

Our mission is to teach kids and adults the athletic skills necessary to confidently play a round of golf with anyone.

Most importantly, we focus on FUN learning because FUN is the reason why we play and fall in love with sports.




Golf instruction focuses on 7 key themes - grip, posture, alignment, weight shift, swing plane (wrist & arm motion), green reading and speed control.

Students are fitted with golf clubs that match their height and ability. The right clubs will help develop the proper swing plane, swing speed, tempo and balance. 

Our performance golf studio allows golfers of all abilities to safely hit real golf balls swinging real golf clubs.  
  • Golf simulator powered by Foresight Sports CG2 smart camera system. 
  • Large 8 feet by 15 feet professional grade putting green.

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